Who is Eligible?

In the spirit of the Founder, Louis Kwame Fosu and civil rights leaders such as Sherri Bevel, those who are eligible to join as members of The Diversity Think Tank are those students and activists who have a burning passion and conviction to selflessly protect and advocate as trained experts for those who cannot speak or stand up for themselves; and to tirelessly agitate to change the world during their lifetimes to achieve racial equity in institutions. This is a calling and a lifestyle not a job, even where that means standing up against towering institutional Goliaths whose leadership glibly and callously reinscribes racist, inhumane policy as standard daily practice.

Students and activists are coached, mentored and advised by civil rights activists, educators/professors, media experts, attorneys, legal strategists and advocacy experts on how to change structurally racist policies, by utilizing multidimensional non-violent advocacy strategies that encompass: negotiations, demonstrations, never bargaining their dignity to accept a “Three-Fifths Compromise”, drafting policy, influencing and proposing new inclusive policy.

University Students & Activists

All students of all races in American/US territory colleges are eligible to join The Diversity Think Tank.

To join, students or activists not in college should send correspondence in any available format to the Executive Director or Directors. Correspondence can be a couple of sentences and should not exceed more than 150 words, explaining why you want to be an advocate, change agent or what idea you have in mind to improve diversity or end a specific racist practice. Students can also schedule a phone or Zoom conversation with the Executive Director or Directors if they prefer oral/video presentations.

High School Students

Dedicated high school students can apply by emailing and will be considered after a phone interview. However, they will need approval from a teacher, mentor, parent or guardian.